Hello, I am Isabelle Dechamps, the founder of BelAfrique. I was born and bred in Antwerp (Belgium) but I have been living happily in Cape Town (South Africa) for over 15 years. Or rather I should say “Africa has been living in me” because once bitten by the contagious African love bug, it stays with you forever. And gladly so! The people, the beauty, the lifestyle and not to forget, the adventure Africa has to offer, it all fits me like a glove. But sharing all these experiences with you excites me even more.

I like to call myself the Mary Poppins of Travel. I want to share my love and passion for Africa and making sure that you have a wonderful journey is my mission. Talk to me, write to me, share with me. I love to listen and will poke you until I have all the ingredients I need. This is what I enjoy doing and what I do best: translating all your information into a perfectly TAILOR MADE HOLIDAY for you. At BelAfrique we don’t just book a hotel, we offer you A LIFE TIME OF EXPERIENCES.

My favourite African word “Ubuntu” is a word often used by Nelson Mandela & Desmund Tutu, which in simple terms means “I’m happy, if you are happy”. The English equivalent is probably “No man is an island”, I therefore try to surround myself with like-minded people & BelAfrique is very proud & happy to say that a few kindred spirits keenly joined BelAfrique’s philosophy to share their/our passion with you. I invite you to read more about our small yet 100% dedicated team on our EXPERTS page.

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